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Do you have a passion for painting or drawing ?

A novice in need of guidance

and step-by-step instruction ?

Maybe you are looking to refine your artistic talents

or resume your love for art ?

Take a look !

The Painting Studio may have what you're looking for.

Grace Cunningham Art Classes

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

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Every child is an artist ,

the problem is how to remain an artist , once we grow up.

The Painting Studio Salthill Galway

Founded by professional artist Grace Cunningham in 2002, The Painting Studio is Grace Cunninghams Art Class for adults. Located in Salthill Galway, the custom built artists studio is fully equipped with easels and individual work stations.


The Painting Studio encompasses detailed instruction in Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour, Drawing and Palette Knife painting among many other artistic techniques. All classes are taught by Grace Cunningham which lends to a very friendly, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with an emphasis on individual student attention in a supportive environment.


The Painting Studio offers morning and afternoon classes year round:  Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer, where term classes meet once a week for 8 , 10 or 12 weeks.

Grace also hosts a number of week-end workshops on Saturdays throughout each term which may suit those unable to commit to a full term.

The Summer brings the increasingly popular special week classes where the student attends 3hrs each morning Monday to Friday for one week.


Grace has been hosting art classes and workshops at The Painting Studio for nearly two decades now and welcomes all levels. Grace adapts to each student’s needs to give you all the help to develop your artistic ability at your own pace.

Whether you’re new to painting , intermediate level hoping to improve, or advanced in your skills and seeking a new creative challenge, you can get in touch through the contact page or by calling Grace on 087 906 4578.

It's never too early

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Winter Term 2020

Summer Classes 2020

Painting Workshop

The next set of term classes will begin in January 2020. The term will run for 10 weeks with a mid term break.

To register your interest in this course of classes you may get in touch via the contacts page.

To find out more you can click the button below.

The dates for next years Summer Classes are still to be finalised. To find out more about these special classes you can click the button below.


The Classic Artist Workshop Series will continue in the the coming months with the next workshop on Saturday March 21st at 10am. Click below for more info.


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